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For a promising fresh future

Karsan JEST Electric


Karsan JEST Electric

For a Promising Fresh Future

For Karsan, zero emission electric vehicles are not only the target created by forthcoming zero emission regulations, but also our word to the children for a promising fresh future. We are aware of our responsibility about using world resources effectively and avoiding environmental impacts. Thus, we are making significant investment on zero emission technology by which we will be extending our product range in near future.

We believe that, the world is what we owe to the children.

Panoramic View
Karsan JEST Electric doesn't only meet your urban transportation needs, but also complies with the city atmosphere with its panoramic windows all around.
Extended Battery Life Cycle by Overnight Charging
Durable battery packs not only provide you with zero emission power, but also they are designed for quick or overnight charging with on-board charger.
Highly Durable
Unique corrosion resistance in its own segment. Full body cataphoresis coating offering 10 years anti-corrosion warranty.
Business with Pleasure
Karsan JEST Electric offers you all the pleasure and amenities of a small city electric bus with its independent suspension system, advanced ergonomics, spacious cabin and mobility.
Superior Driving Compartment
Relatively higher driving compartment offers a superior angle of view, making you feel as a "bus driver". Thus, you will have a better feeling of driving safety & confidence.
Efficient Capacity Usage, More Profit
With utmost capacity utilization, JEST Electric can offer efficient public transportation according to variable service frequency.
Energy Saving by Regenerative Braking System

Depending on usage conditions, up to 25% of total energy consumption can be saved.

Original Low Floor
JEST Electric is designed as an original Low Floor city minibus with monocoque space frame. Thus, it offers a more more robust chassis to impacts, hard travel & environmental conditions and less vibration compared to models produced as body on chassis structure. Additionally, manual ramp provides easy wheelchair access.
High Maneuverability & Compact Structure

Thanks for the short turning radius & superior climbing performance, in this electric minibus you can travel easily in old cities with narrow streets and climb up ramps under full load.

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