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Karsan ATAK

Ideal Public Transportation Vehicle


Karsan ATAK

Karsan ATAK

ATAK is the contemporary, comfortable and safe public transportation vehicle with its eye-catching features such as passenger capacity up to 60 people, wheelchair accessible low floor design, front independent suspensions and rear engine which provides fuel economy, performance and silent trip.

General Information

Contemporary Interior Low Floor Design

ATAK, offers easy getting on and off opportunities to passengers with its low floor design. There are not any steps or any other obstacles through the corridor which is between the entrance and exit service doors. This feature provides freedom for mobility inside the vehicle. Besides, ATAK has both ECAS and Kneeling functions. ATAK is a class-leading vehicle with passenger capacity up to 60 people.

Wheelchair Accessibility

ATAK is a class-leading vehicle in wheelchair accessibility which is a strong part of the modern city life. Mobility for freedom is offered to everyone by its wheelchair accessibility feature. Through its foldable ramp, ATAK offers easy getting on and off opportunities to passengers with wheelchairs.

Safe and Comfortable Driving Pleasure

Wide driving view and optional isolated driver’s cabin (cockpit) provides safe driving. The dashboard and the cluster which are especially designed for ATAK offer maximised driving comfort even under heavy traffic conditions.

Fuel Economy and Efficient Performance

ATAK has a powerful and environmental friendly EuroV- EEV engine which provides great fuel economy. Both comfortable trip and high performance are guaranteed with its silent and hard-working engine.

Auto Power

ATAK’s transmission options bring along driving comfort and fuel efficiency. ATAK is a class-leading vehicle with its robotised transmission option, which offers maximised driving pleasure.

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