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Commercial vehicle celebration in Karsan

In Karsan which has headed towards co-operation with Hyundai, the first vehicle of the new HD Series in compliance with Euro 4 norms has exited the production line. “Turkey will be the base of Hyundai”, said Murat Selek, CEO.

In Karsan Otomotiv Sanayi factory in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, the production and sale of the vehicles of Hyundai Truck new HD Series have begun. Murat Selek who spoke in the ceremony to which Hyundai Commercial Vehicles Vice President W.S. Min and the senior executives of Hyundai participated, said “We are taking an important step towards production launch of new HD Series, also enlargement of our product range and increase of its indigenousness rate” after stating that they have achieved significant successes in their few years cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company. After the first commercial vehicle of HD Series has left the product line, CEO of Karsan Murat Selek and Hyundai Executive W.S. Min, by taking Özhan Önen who is the disabled employee of the factory between them, celebrated their attained cooperation together with the employees. Karsan Otomotiv Sanayi which has begun the production of commercial vehicles of new HD Series within the scope of production and distributorship agreement with Hyundai Motor Company, celebrated the first commercial vehicle produced within the framework of this cooperation leaving the production line in its factory which was renewed by an investment of approximately 2 million dollars and established on 30 thousand square-meters area in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. CEO of Karsan Murat Selek who told that they planned to export Hyundai Truck production which was up to 5 thousand trucks in a year to nearby countries, said that they targeted to increase indigenousness rate which was currently about 10%. After stating that they also targeted to take an active role in the region within the framework of the agreement they had signed with Hyundai last year, he spoke as “We are still planning the role that Karsan will take regarding exportation within the framework of Hyundai’s global plans. I can gladly say that Karsan and Turkey will be a significant base of Hyundai from Far East to the region”.

Incentives did not work out for commercial vehicle

CEO of Karsan Murat Selek who expressed that the automotive market had been negatively affected by the crisis last year, said, “Incentives didn’t become useful for particularly commercial vehicle. Nevertheless, we have increased our market share from 8 to 20 percent. We have an intellectual and strategic consensus with Hyundai. From now on, we will give our weight to the production development. We will develop products for Turkey as well as nearby countries in accordance with the needs. Entering the crisis is sudden but exit is gradually. At least we see that the process of recuperation has slowly begun. We anticipate that a significant improvement will be seen in 2010 compared to 2009.


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