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Karsan will produce bus for BredaMenarinibus

Karsan Otomotiv reported that it has signed a preliminary agreement with Italian bus producer BredaMenarinibus in order to produce their buses, sell them in Turkey and also export them to BredaMenarinibus. In Karsan’s special circumstances disclosure which was issued regarding its new business relationship in Public Enlightenment Platform, it was recorded that the company has signed a preliminary agreement with BredaMenarinibus to produce buses, sell them in Turkey and export to BredaMenarinibus. In the disclosure, it was said:

“Within the scope of the agreement, our company will begin trial production of BredaMenarinibus’s CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and diesel bus models ranging from 8 to 12 meters. Concordantly, a certain part of monthly production capacity will be guaranteed to be exported to BredaMenarinibus. At the end of four month period determined for trial production, expansion of the scope of our co-operation with BredaMenarinibus and signing the final agreement which includes serial production and marketing activities and has the characteristics of strategic partnership, are anticipated.”

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