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Karsan Got its Customers’ Opinion and Put the J10 on the Market

After producing Peugeot J9 for almost 30 years, Karsan put the J10 on the market which is newly designed and produced thoroughly in line with its customers’ demands under its own name.

It will be put on the market for 50 thousand TL

Karsan’s CEO Murat Selek and Karsan Marketing Director Vançın Kitapçı made the presentation of the new J10. Selek said that they will start an exchange campaign for the old J9 owners and the sales prices of the new J10s with seating capacities of 14+1, 17+1 or 20+1 will start from 50 thousand TL. Selek pointed out that gasoline consumption of J10 which works with a 2287 cc diesel Iveco engine is about 40 per cent lower compared to its competitors.

Ahmet Enes Demiray - ISTANBUL

Karsan put its new model J10 which is developed after an intensive working program in the fields of engineering and designing and produced with an environmental Euro 4 engine on the market. Karsan J10 which is designed on the grounds of the opinions of the Peugeot J9 minibus drivers is put on the market at the launching meeting held yesterday. With this model, Karsan has used its own name for the first time instead of Peugeot and started home production in full. At the publicity meeting, Karsan’s CEO Murat Selek stated that J10 is an important step taken in parallel to the new vision set within the scope of the period of change. Selek said: “Last year we made Karsan’s strategic plan for the next 10 years. Within this framework, as a product carrying Karsan brand, J10 is an important step taken for strengthening our activities.”

Employment will be increased by 1100

Selek pointed out that Karsan is a company which provides services in passenger transportation sector for almost 30 years and during this period it has renewed J9 which has been continuously improved and developed in line with its customers’ demands and expectations and put it on market as J10. He added: “Karsan increased its production from 11 thousand by 25 thousand. J10 is a model that can achieve a great success both in the domestic and foreign markets. In parallel with our growing target, we will increase the employment in our factory from 925 by 1100.”

The Russians found the model over-luxurious

Karsan Marketing Director Vançın Kitapçı stated that they are aiming at increasing the effectiveness of the J Series, which are the only products developed for the purpose of transporting passengers, in the fields of student and personnel transportation with J10. Kitapçı said: “We made our first attempt for J10 exportation in Russia. We participated in Busworld fair organized for the first time in Russia. The Russians found our vehicle too luxurious for their country.”

Turkey’s 30 years old hybrid

Karsan is founded in 1966 and it carried out its activities within the structure of Koç Group from 1979 to 1998. In 1998, İnan Kıraç bought the majority of its shares and Karsan was incorporated in Kıraça Holding. Since 1981, Karsan is producing commercial vehicles with 100 percent local capital. The models produced by Karsan are Renault Trucks Premium, Lander, Kerax, Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Karsan J9 Premier and Hyundai HD Series. 52.36 percent of Karsan’s shares belong to Kıraça Group, 10.68 percent belong to Diniz Group, 2.25 percent belong to İnan Kıraç and 34.71 percent of the shared are traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange.


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