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Karsan will change its dimensions by means of its “real child”

Karsan accelerated its works with respect to branding after putting the renewed J9 model on market under the name of J10 which is considered as a “real child” by İnan Kıraç. Meanwhile, its production and endorsement targets are doubled.

Levent Köprülü

After being incorporated in Kıraça Holding, Karsan took an important step and with respect to the changing period of the brand and redeveloped its “old” commercial vehicle J9 in conformity with its customers’ expectations under the name of J10. In this manner Karsan doubled its production and endorsement targets and gave signals with regards to its possible future new brand.

Karsan’s CEO Murat Selek stated that this year the company has set a serious growth target and said, “We are planning to increase our total sales from 11 thousand to 25 thousand and our endorsement from 300 million liras to 600 million liras.” Selek said that the productions made for Peugeot and Citroen play an important role in this and added: “We are also planning to increase the Renault Trucks and Hyundai productions.”

Employment will be increased

Selek pointed out that despite the negative effects of last year’s crisis, the company was able to protect all of its employees with the help of short-time work allocation and said: “It is not easy to find qualified personnel in the automotive field; therefore, keeping the qualified labor force within our structure has been a great advantage for us. By the end of this year, we will increase the number of our employees from 850 by 1.100.”

The annual production of J10 is foreseen as 3.000 and by the end of this year production of 1.800 J10s is being planned. While Karsan carries on works for exportation of the new vehicle, it continues production of J9 especially for the Iranian market.

Various projects

Selek pointed out that Karsan is carrying on its activities with respect to several projects within the scope of this new vision and it is aiming at taking place at all segments with Karsan brand especially at passenger transportation sector. Murat Selek said that the company will be focused completely on commercial vehicle production and in the future creation of a new brand may be in question.

Peugeot feels resentment

Besides Chairman of Board of Directors of Kıraça Holding İnan Kıraç who considers J10 as his “real child,” also the Executive Director Jan Nahum made important contributions during the development process of J10 project. Both Kıraç and Nahum followed every stage closely and gave advices.

An investment of 7 million Euros is made for J10 which is produced by the development of J9 that has undergone various changes in 25 years. After reminding that a few years ago intellectual property rights of J9 were purchased from PSA and usage of Peugeot brand was banned by the company, Karsan authorities added: “Peugeot authorities visit our factory frequently. In the past as they believed that they would not be able to sell even 200 vehicles annually, they stopped its production. But now after seeing that its annual sale amount is about 3 thousand and it has a 25 per cent market share, they feel resentment.”

Superior features of J10

  • It is equipped with Iveco Euro 4 engine.
  • It has long and short models and seating capacities of 14+1, 17+1 or 20+1.
  • Its every seat has a seat belt and at the school vehicle versions have fixed side windows, sunroof, automatic passenger door and sliding step system.
  • During the campaign its list price is lower than J9 Premier.



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