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Ekonomi – Hakan Özenen

A brand new interpretation for taxi:

The project is bringing a new description to the taxi concept. Using all types of engines, including diesel, CNG or electric, will be possible in the vehicle, where the seating arrangement is designed like the taxis of London. While a monitor connected to the Internet continuously provide services inside the cab, the external surface will be covered with monitors, which will broadcast advertisements.

“Pointing out that the project was the only project that satisfied all the conditions for the tender, Jan Nahum said that in the tender, where they are competing with the giants of the world, the project might be acclaimed and implementation thereof might be wanted by a US manufacturer”


Karsan publicized designed by the Hexagon Studio, a joint venture of the Kıraç and Hexagon Groups, for the New York City Taxi tender. If the tender is awarded, a total of 13.237 taxi cabs will be exported to the USA. Karsan stated that in the event the tender is won, this vehicle, which will bear a Turkish name, will provide a great opportunity for Turkey to create its own brand name..

Karsan shared the details of the tender for which a bid was submitted in order to design and manufacture the taxi vehicles for the New York City as well as the futures of the vehicle designed entirely in Turkey.

During the presentation meeting, İnan Kıraç, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Karsan, who addressed all the stakeholders in the automotive sector, said that Turkey had to create its own car brand in order to achieve the great economic targets of 2023.

Stating that it was difficult to find even 20 engineers during the years, when the domestic market was very small in Turkey, Kıraç went on to say: “If 4000 engineers are working for the automotive R&D in the country today, it is time to produce our own brand name.” Saying that it could not be done as the prominent brands in Turkey had foreign partners, Kıraç said: “Therefore, we need a structure which is 100% domestic and independent of any entity. Karsan has claimed this issue and decided enter that struggle”.

Stating that the effect of every decision to be made in the sector on the automotive side industries had to be considered in advance; “Every decision has to be made keeping the interests of the automotive side industries in view” said Kıraç.


Jan Nahum, Delegated Member of Karsan, stated that Turkey could reach the 100 billion dollar export figures in 2025 through production only by producing 5 million vehicles per year. Nahum said that, even the number of the engineers working in R&D might reach 100.000 in 2025, the added value they would provide would remain around 3.5 billion dollars and went on; “If we want 100 billion in exports, this is possible only by producing our own original model and brand. This is not a romantic expectation”.

Hakan Özenen

Read the excuse telegrams like reproach.”

Jan Nahum started his presentation speech by reading the telegrams received from Kadir Topbaş and İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, the mayors of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality respectively, stating that they could not attend the meeting due to their heavy work loads, without comment.  But when he said that the New York Taxi Project was the vision of Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of this City, right after reading the telegrams, comments were made in the room that he had read the telegrams in reproach.

İnan Kıraç

“If Tofaş would restart production, 20 thousand Şahin could be sold”

Stating that; “If Tofaş would produce 20 thousand vehicles from the bird series, I bet this 20.000 would be sold in Turkey and exported too”, İnan Kıraç told that they had never misled the Turkish people and, had moved very carefully and produced the right vehicles. “New York may or may not be. But believe me you will see that this vehicle will be the vehicle of the world. It will be the vehicle of Istanbul and Turkey and become a starting point as the first domestic brand name” said Kıraç.   

“2650 vehicles per year for New York”

The bids will be submitted for the tender opened for the 13.237 vehicles, of which 240 will be usable by the handicapped people, by May 27, 2010. In the event the tender is won, the taxi cabs will be produced in the Karsan Facilities and exported to the USA. The company that wins the tender will sell 2.650 vehicles to the New York market per year for 10 years.


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