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Karsan-Hyundai production has started

A celebration ceremony was held at Karsan’s facility in Bursa Organized Industry Zone due to the beginning of production. Hyundai Motor Company Vice President of Commercial Vehicles W.S.Min stated that even though 2009 had been a tough year with respect to automotive sector Hyundai Motor Company had attained 3,1 million in sales through increasing its sales figures by 11 percent. “In commercial vehicle class we have made a strong entry to light truck market in Turkey in 2007 along with Karsan. In the market, which has been dominated by two Japanese companies until this period, we have carried forward our market share to 8 percent in 2008 and to 20 percent in 2009. We couldn’t have achieved this without the commercial and industrial experience of Karsan, its engineering capacity, qualified work force and will to work. Our goal is to be one of the leading commercial vehicle brands in Turkey by maintaining our cooperation with Karsan.” said Min, who noted that they have become the fifth largest automobile producer in the world with their performance.

Karsan Chief Executive Officer Murak Selek also emphasized that they have turned the HD Series that they had introduced to the market in 2007 into one of the significant players in the market in a very short time thanks to their marketing activities and strong sales branch organization.

Selek, who indicated that they have started the production of new HD Series vehicles that comply with Euro 4 norms by prioritising customer satisfaction, stated that the indigenousness rate in the series was close to 10 percent and they have anticipated that rate to increase in future periods. “We will undertake an active role with Hyundai in the area for the next period and have export oriented activities. We are continuing our analysis in the surrounding markets. We are co-determining the role which will be given by Hyundai to Karsan towards its plans for the region within the framework of its global strategy. However I am pleased to say that Karsan and Turkey would assume the role of a leaping board for Hyundai for its expansion to the region from the Far East.” continued Selek, who reminded that they have signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai in the previous year. Selek, who pointed out that the capacity of the truck production facility could increase from its current approximately 2 thousand to 10 thousand trucks, indicated that they have been planning some developments for domestic and foreign markets.


With its renewed design Hyundai Truck New HD (HD35/HD75) Series has a “Turbo Intercooler” engine which was designed in compliance with Euro 4 emission norms. It is said that the vehicle, of which the swiftness and thrust force has increased due to engine power and engine torque, has the most assertive fuel consumption of its class through its “Common Rail” fuel system. There are also front and back curve balance bars which minimize risks such as skidding and rollover, heated side mirrors, special cabin-suspension system which can only be seen in heavy trucks, foldable shift lever and middle seat in HD series.

Karsan Otomotiv Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş. has started the production and sale of new HD series light trucks within the scope of its exclusive production and distribution agreement with Hyundai Motor Company.


Karsan which has been the only producer in Turkish Automotive Industry to produce multi brands in a single factory as of 2002 manufactures Renault Trucks Premium, Lander, Kerax, Peugot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Karsan J9 Premier and Hyundai HD series models. As a part of its multi brand production strategy, Karsan also offer industrial services such as welding, cataphoresis, painting and assembly to TOFAS/FIAT, Ford, Renault Trucks and Türk Tractor/CNH companies.


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