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Karsan set its eye on Passenger Transportation and took its first step with the Domestic Product J10

Turkish Brand J10 made the French Jealous

Automobile subcontractor Karsan renewed the J9 minibus which is being produced for the last 29 years and put it on market with its own brand making the French Peugeot who did not permit Karsan to use its brand jealous

The brand will be Karsan

Karsan’s CEO Murat Selek said that the renewed J10 model is an important step taken within the scope of the new vision of the company. He pointed out that Karsan is carrying on its activities with respect to several projects within the scope of this new vision and it is aiming at taking place at all segments with Karsan brand especially at passenger transportation sector.

Working with a foreign partner is difficult

Selek reminded that most of the company managers, board of directors being at the first place, have worked at the automotive companies of Koç Group for a long time and added: “The foreign partnerships do not let you to act by yourself. You can work within the limits your partner sets for you. We are paddling our own canoe. This is our greatest advantage.”

Ufuk Sandık

A Turkish brand is silently arising in the automotive sector. In 1998, after İnan Kıraç, son-in-law of Vehbi Koç bought the majority of its shares, Karsan split off the Koç Group to be incorporated in Kıraça Holding and since then it made a rapid progress on its way becoming a brand in the automotive industry. While making contract manufacturing for Peugeot, Citroen, Renault Trucks and Hyundai, Karsan renewed completely the J9 model which is being produced since 1981 and put it on market under the name of J10 and with its own brand. Until today 104.000 J9 vehicles are produced and sold with the brand of Peugeot. J10 which is developed in 18 months with an investment of 7 million Euros made jealous the French Peugeot who sold its intellectual property rights to Karsan 4 years ago and banned the usage of its brand for the vehicle 3 years ago. The Director of Karsan Marketing Company Vançın Kitapçı said that after seeing the new J10, the French company showed regret for transferring the intellectual property rights of the vehicle. Kitapçı reminded that Karsan bought the intellectual property rights of J9 model 4 years ago after the termination of their partnership with Peugeot and said: “The French believed that J9 had completed its life and it did not have a potential.”

Vançın Kitapçı pointed out that the company’s market share is over 23 percent and said: “With J10 we will increase our market share by 25 percent.”

It is developed by Turkish engineers

Karsan developed J10 with a team of 60 personnel and renewed it by 49 percent. Karsan is planning to produce 2 thousand J10’s till the end of this year and it will make 3 thousand productions next year. This year Karsan’s export target for J10 is 200 vehicles and in 2011 one thousand.


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