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For example: İETT CNG Filling Station

  • İETT CNG Filling Station established and managed by Karsan.
  • The station ranks first in Turkey and second in Europe as the biggest CNG Filling Station.(Karsan also manages İkitelli, Anadolu and Konya garages)
  • The station has a capacity of filling 240 units of CNG buses in six hours.
  • 16 buses can be filled in 20 minutes at the same time.


CNG Station

Canopy Area 1000m²
Compressor Area 500m²

Service Location

Maintanence and Repair Area 3000m²
Spare Part Warehouse  500m²
Offices  250m²

Washing Station 1000m²
Park Area 58.750m²

Toplam 65.000m²

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