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Kıraça Holding

Kıraça Holding

Kıraça Holding was established in 1998 by two of the leading figures in the Turkish automotive sector, İnan Kıraç and Klod Nahum, who together formed the Kıraça Group of Companies.

Proving its strength and potential for success in a short period of time, the corporation has based its operations on the goals of redirecting the idle investments resulting from surplus capacities back into the Turkish economy, optimizing the growth potential of light commercial vehicles in the market, and reorganizing the scattered structure of the independent spare parts sector, replacing it with a new marketing and distribution model.

Kıraça Holding, with its youthful management team, strives to foster concepts of the most important of managerial principles, professionalism and respect for human beings, and has recently added the fields of maritime trade, design, engineering, and energy to its array of businesses.

In addition to these endeavors, the activities in education, culture, art and health promoted by the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation, established by one of the founders of the Holding, İnan Kıraç, and his spouse, Suna Kıraç, continues to be a guiding light of inspiration in the successful performance of Kıraça Holding in business and industry. Two organizations operating under the Foundation are the Pera Museum and the Istanbul Research Institute.


Karland, the strongest corporate enterprise in the automotive industry’s independent aftermarket, serves the Turkish market with its value added and internationally acknowledged high-tech products.

A part of the Kıraça Holding companies, Karland combines the advantages gleaned from the automotive experience of its founders İnan Kıraç and Klod Nahum with a robust corporate infrastructure.

Karland offers customers over 50,000 products for every vehicle and vehicle model--bumper to bumper--working through its distribution network spread out all over Turkey. With 115 employees, all specialized in their respective fields, a 15,000 m2 warehouse and 1.500 m2 of modern office facilities, the company differentiates itself with rapid logistic services that make it possible for orders to reach their destination within 24 hours. Karland takes advantage of making use of the opportunities presented by being a part of an important international organization. As the only partner of the Temot International in Turkey, Karland is able to share the experiences of this group of Europe’s largest companies in the sector to create advantageous partnerships with the large suppliers on Temot’s list. Additionally, as a member of the Aftermarket Development Association (YPG), Karland is represented in FIGIEFA (International Automotive Aftermarket Distributors Federation), headquartered in Brussels.

Admired for working with quality-certified suppliers, selling guaranteed products, being focused on customer satisfaction and investing in people, Karland responds to the need of service stations for spare parts, serving customers at its accessible facility, the first retail point it has opened, at the Maslak Atatürk Automotive Complex.

As Karland continues to grow, its investments continue to add value to its services, allowing it to move step by step into realizing its target of becoming a market maker in the great potential of the aftermarket...


Kırpart A.Ş., a leading company in Turkey in the design and production of engine components, has been serving Automotive Industry Manufacturers in the international automotive sector since 1969. With its long years of business experience, its staff of specialized engineers, and its innovative and dynamic structure, Kırpart has become a specialist in the design, development and production of engine components such as thermostats, oil and water pumps.

Kırpart is one of the few thermostat manufacturers that boast of the technical knowhow to design, develop and produce thermostats that render the performance OEM’s expect of their engines. Kırpart has been producing thermostats uninterruptedly since 1978. The company has also been designing and producing high quality water pumps and oil pumps for a wide range of different types and models of vehicles—from passenger cars to heavy trucks--since 1982, catering to the needs of the Automotive Industry Manufacturers.

Another important field of operation of the company is high pressure aluminum casting. The foundry established with the experience of long years of production, combined with the latest technologies available today, allows the company to conform to the terms and criteria defining the standards expected by the sector. The company’s fully equipped specialized laboratory, featuring a 3D CMM measuring machine, a spectroanalysis device, and an X-ray machine plays a significant role in ensuring high quality and continuous production.

Kırpart processes its own casting, which it carries out using the latest processing technologies. In its large-scale mass production, Kırpart uses fully automatic robot operators of its own design to achieve productivity optimization in its CNC machines and faultless cutting capacities. The company’s state-of-the-art CNC horizontal casting and special processing machines, its developed laboratory and specialized staff provide Kırpart with the means to manufacture even the most sensitive pieces with the narrowest tolerance, effectively responding to the expectations of OEM clients.

With casting, processing and component production units all under the same roof, as well as its capacity of design, development, testing and validation, its fully equipped laboratories, its certification with all of the required documents and its ERP system keeping control over all stages of production, Kırpart is a leading manufacturer in the automotive sector, dedicating 90% of its production to Automotive Industry Manufacturers both in Turkey and abroad.

Sirena Marine

Sirena Marine Denizcilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Sirena Marine Industry and Trade, Inc.) was established in November 2006, born of the agreement signed between Kıraça Holding and the world-renowned yacht manufacturers, the Azimut-Benetti Group.

Third in the world in the manufacture of large yachts and motor-yachts of over 24 meters, the Italian Azimut-Benetti Group and the Kıraça Group of Companies together created Sirena Marine to engage in the production of motor-yachts and to work in the maritime trade business. According to the agreement between the corporations, the 13.21-meter Azimut 42E model will be manufactured in the first phase. Sirena Marine's plan in 2008 was to produce 30 yachts. With its staff of 150, Sirena Marine’s manufacturing operations are carried out in the established facilities of the Kıraça Group of Companies in the Bursa Dense Industrial Area in an area of 5,750 m², a space that includes a testing pool and stock warehousing. The locally manufactured materials in the motor-yachts that the company produces comprise 60% of the total.

Deepening its relations with Azimut-Benetti, Sirena Marine signed another partnership agreement with the group in September 2008 under which the factory was moved to Orhangazi and the range of motor-yachts manufactured was expanded. As of September 2008, Sirena Marine began to manufacture the AZ 55.

Under the scope of another agreement, the new product AZ 38, designed by Sirena Marine, will be produced at the Orhangazi facilities in partnership with Azimut/Benetti Group. Production started in June 2009; and the AZ 38 was exported all over the world. Besides production, Sirena Marine is also the distributor in Turkey of 39-70 ft. Azimut-Benetti Group yachts. As of September 2009, the entire range of Azimut products are included in the Sirena Marine distributorship.

Initially, a sales and after-sales office was established within the Istanbul Ataköy Marina and other offices were launched at Bodrum D-Marin and in Göcek. Efforts are underway for offices to be opened all around Turkey—in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Regions of the country. After proving its success in a short time with its focus on customer satisfaction, its high quality services and its productivity, Sirena Marine expanded upon its cooperation with its partner, the world-famous motor-boat manufacturer Azimut-Benetti, moving on into new investments in line with the goal of further developing the scope of their business together.

Hexagon Global

Hexagon Global Enerji Kaynakları, Hexagon ve Kıraça ortaklığı ile kurulmuş bir enerji şirketidir.

Hexagon Global Energy Resources is an energy company established under the Hexagon-Kıraça partnership.

Hexagon Global Energy Resources was founded with the goal of reducing Turkey’s dependence on foreign sources for energy, taking advantage of the richness of Turkey’s renewable energy resources, including wind and solar energy, promoting low-emission energy production and thus contributing to creating added value for our country, the world and for our investors. Hexagon Global Energy is currently in the process of developing, managing and investing in projects based on wind and solar energy and generating energy from wastes. The company seeks to steadily increase its technical competence and know-how to grow and build up a diverse portfolio in this field in the coming years in order to be able to reach its ultimate goal of becoming one of the key players in Turkey’s energy sector.

Hexagon Studio

Hexagon Studio was founded in 2006 to provide companies operating in the automotive and automotive supply industry with the design and engineering services needed in the growing automotive and defense industries. The rapid growth of Hexagon Studio has been consistent since establishment. Its aim continues to be providing the most suitable solutions, relying on the one hand on the knowledge and experience its founders and technical staff have acquired in both the local and international spheres and on the other, on the competence of their business partners in Turkey and abroad.

Offering Competence in Design and Engineering:

Enterprises operating in automotive and supply industry choose to obtain support from external organizations for specific design and engineering tasks that come up from time to time. Acting as a partner in solutions, Hexagon Studio provides manufacturing and supply industry enterprises the design and engineering services they need.

Offering additional capacities:

In the increasing competitiveness of the automotive industry, the timeframe for the process of developing and launching a product is getting shorter and shorter. When the enterprises operating in the automotive and supply industry come to a point where they cannot cope with the engineering workloads using their own resources, they often seek support from external companies. This is when Hexagon Studio steps in to lighten the load of these manufacturing and supply companies and international engineering firms by offering them additional capacities.

Ensuring communications:

The goal is to make Turkey an important hub of engineering and design and to combine Turkey’s resources with the opportunities available abroad. Turkey has a huge potential in terms of design, engineering, prototype creation, testing facilities and resources. On the other hand, companies with headquarters in Turkey have a need for certain special services that can only be obtained from international sources. Hexagon Studio will take its place in the field of automotive engineering, becoming a bridge between the supply and demand of Turkish companies and their counterparts abroad.

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