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Since its establishment, Karsan, which has been operating in the Turkish automotive industry for 49 years, has been producing commercial vehicles for the world’s leading brands, including its own, through its contemporary and flexible manufacturing facilities, providing marketing, sales and after-sales services through its widespread network.

Founded in 1966, Karsan operated under Koç Group between the years 1979-1998 and later began operating under Kıraça Holding when İnan Kıraç acquired the majority shares in the company in 1998. The company has been producing commercial vehicles with 100 percent local capital since 1981. The investment for its manufacturing plant located in Akçalar/ Bursa was started up in 1998 and the manufacture of vehicles in this facility was launched in October 1999. The Karsan Akçalar Plant, which currently has a capacity to manufacture 70 thousand vehicles in two, and 95 thousand vehicles in three shifts, also has the potential capacity to produce more than 100 thousand vehicles with additional investments. The Akçalar Plant, designed with the flexibility to manufacture all types of vehicles, ranging from automobiles to trucks and from minivans to busses, is located 30 km away from the Bursa city center, and occupies a closed area of 80 thousand and a total area of 200 thousand square meters.

In line with its vision set as “Limitless Transportation Solutions”, Karsan aims to offer modern and contemporary product and service solutions for mass transportation. With its extensive product portfolio ranging from 5m to 18m vehicles, experience in the sector and high-quality production skills endorsed by the world giants, as well as its quality labor force and independent organization skills, Karsan has stood as Turkey’s only independent multi-branded vehicle manufacturer for more than a decade. Karsan aims to cover the commercial vehicle segment from LCV to HCV with multi brands as contractor, licencee and licensor. In order to enlarge the product portfolio, Karsan not only develops its own brand but also proactively proposes new derivatives for its contractors and licensors’ products. Within the scope of its Vision, Karsan is in the course of transforming from a “production company” to an “OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturing) to focus its activities on developing “innovative products and services” in all segments of public transportation. Accordingly, Karsan is managing the whole automotive value chain from R&D to marketing, sales and aftersales through its strategically partnered companies.

Currently, Karsan is engaged in manufacturing of Hyundai HD 35/75, BredaMenarinibus (under licence) and Karsan JEST (under its own brand). Karsan also provides marketing, sales and after-sales services for Karsan branded minibuses, Hyundai HD Series trucks and BredaMenarinibus buses. In addition to vehicle manufacturing, Karsan provides industrial services in its plant located in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone.

Karsan strongly believes that Turkey needs to have its local automotive brand and thus developed “Concept V1” model to be manufactured under its own brand. The Concept V1 platform, initially developed in response to New York’s Taxi of Tomorrow tender, is attempting to satisfy a global social demand. After being hailed as New Yorkers’ favorite “Taxi of Tomorrow” at its launch, Concept V1 is now promoted as a highly accessible vehicle designed to facilitate and enhance transportation for society’s mobility impaired members. Similarly, Concept V1’s passenger vehicle model is offered as a unique choice for families who care for members with reduced mobility problems, who, nevertheless, wish to be able to use their cars with all family members, just like everyone else. Both models have accessible vehicle platform in all variants, factory-built accessibility features, contemporary designs and are suitable for alternative powertrain options (gasoline, diesel, EV, CNG).

Manufacturing more than 15 thousand vehicles, Karsan achieved an approximate turnover of 583 million TL in 2012. The Company stands as Turkey’s 3rd in manufacturing commercial vehicles and 7th in exports (exports’ share in total sales is 71.1 percent). Karsan intends to have a voice in the 75 billion-dollar export target set for the Turkish Automotive Industry in the year 2023, the centennial of the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

According to the survey conducted by the İstanbul Chamber of Commerce in 2012, Karsan, ranks as 151st in the list of “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Organizations.” Karsan currently has more than 1000 employees. Of Karsan’s shares, 63.46 percent is held by the Kıraça Group, 1.73 percent by İnan Kıraç, and 34.81 percent by other shareholders. As of year-end of 2012, our actual circulation rate listed under Central Registry Agency (CRA) is 33.63%.


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